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LBFMusic Showcase : Episode 1

[Image: 2hmlmyd.jpg]

Hello LittleBigForum! We're here , finally here with our first launch of the music showcase! We bring you the first three musicians showcased on this first episode of LBFMusic!

[Image: 11tlg78.jpg]

[Image: 8f5f06a4048925590ef328b8513fbe4c3cb73b42.jpg]

[Image: 68e7073c19ac6dda635dcbf9f1f7f9574db3cd31.jpg]

[Image: 8350d52e5d38b172f02dc220c8512253753a5610.jpg]

[Image: 95afec7319ad1ad9b514fa4c8bd1ab9faade0bdd.jpg]

[Image: 2398bab63311c6ee7706fa8cb8fc564fbb8d8df5.jpg]

[Image: d419de3e73880717fe6be429d85125a9119ec785.jpg]

[Image: e7023da5d5d1290cc6da259e35959830c92bf665.jpg]

[Image: 608809f094bcf45ed63a04dd420e57457f362ca1.jpg]

We hope you guys enjoy it, our team worked very hard to bring you this launch! Be ready for episode 2 coming soon! Happy

[Image: 2ntuuy8.jpg]
- Best Regards
[Image: ncdxy9.jpg]
[Image: rl9u6f.jpg]
That music showcase looks so beautiful... Can't... Resist... The urge... To queue this! Awesome! Great work musicurators Happier
Into ye ol' queue she goes!
Awesome! Happier The first episode of LBFMusic! Happy I definitely queued this! Happier Good job Omg!
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=SakuraLBPDragonX&bg=43&f=3&l=6]

Hello! Check out my youtube channel if you like as well! -> Sakura Sachiko ^^

Have a great day! Happy
This is amazing! I'm at a loss for words XD Thank you guys. Can't wait for episode 2 Happier
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=nerd-dog38&bg=s03&f=3&l=0]

i has real muzikz 2 -> https://soundcloud.com/nerddog/tracks
Too bad this isn't a part of the LBP news like LBF picks. At least we can check recent activity to see if you've published.
With a few minor tweaks to our setup and conditions for showcasing its entirely possible we will get featured Wink
ooo now that sounds interesting
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=nerd-dog38&bg=s03&f=3&l=0]

i has real muzikz 2 -> https://soundcloud.com/nerddog/tracks
I might actually get on LBP to play this! Hahahah, quick idea: do showcases with one artist for each general genre! So like, Ambient, Orchestral maybe, and several Electronic sub-genres (because they're really what LBP's sequencer was made for) and one artist wins the showcase and gets their song promoted there. Happy That'd be cool!
theres no winning here morta. and there are 3 exact figures for each artist's choice of genre, and some artists like to dabble in a few different types Wink

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