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Showcase - Eligibility update.

Hi there music peoples Happier

Using feedback from our community manager We're implementing just one slight change to the conditions for showcase eligibility.

Now - Our aim is still the same. To showcase creators themselves rather than their work-sets.

However - To make things run a little smoother for the wider community who are (and will be) using this feature to go shopping for tunes we have to change one thing.

You will need at least a 3 track gallery. (That's it) Because of the way the hub works with the preview tracks - Feedback has brought this aspect to our attention. It may be confusing for people to get linked to a one song published level. So, to get around this we will now require you to have published an actual gallery. Not what I had in mind to begin with but hey. Without change - nothing would change or grow.

On a side note, for those who aren't so proficient or confident in showing off their creating skills outside of music - Our dear OMGYOUWOULD is working on a toolkit for yawl as a giveaway. This will make making galleries a very easy thing to do.

Much love as always to you all Heart

gallerys with only one songs are mostly preview for a upcoming gallery or remixes, dont like that. Really...

[Image: UWP1Yny.png]
some people just post up one tune on its own because thats how they like to publish their work though.. were gettin around this by asking people who wish to participate - into pooling their work together into a 3 track (or more) creation Wink and we cannot showcase anything thats aimed at recreating real life works anyway. so no katy perry's or skrillexes or gaga's LOL. just original works (with remixes allowed also)
Well, I don't have a problem with that, but I would like to know when another Showcase will pop up... Will it be weekly? Or just a random date?
My thing is ok right? o_O obviously it was already done but I just wanna make sure that it isn't suddenly changing.
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=nerd-dog38&bg=s03&f=3&l=0]

i has real muzikz 2 -> https://soundcloud.com/nerddog/tracks
LOL were not taking away your showcase Happier its fine nerd dog Wink just a thing for future. Wink and sparky - This will probably end up being a 2 week thing
Ooh, a new showcase feature is coming soon! Good thing I have a new EP coming out soon. Yis, I can finally have people (more than 20 views) that look at my stuff. LOL

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