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New Admin!

Hello Sackfriends!

I can proudly announce that I am a new Administrator of LittleBigForum! Happier

BUT DeKa1357 will still be an Admin. That means that we have now 2 Administrators.

You will probably ask why?
Well, DeKa and me discussed a long time that it would be better for decisions and especially for fair decisions. We are both from Germany and that means we understand each other very well and we can work better together. And I am not a new member Wink I am an moderator for over 1 year!

Another advantage is that user can contact both of us if you have problems or if you have tips to improve something. But of course you can contact every other moderator too!

What will change?
I don't want to change something big here at the moment because all works well but of course when DK wants to change or do something bigger he needs my agreement and vice versa.
But one thing that I can definitely confirm is that the LBF Lbp2 and LBP Vita picks will return as soon as possible! Happy

Please give me your feedback!

Greets Lbf

P.S. : I will soon have the red user title when DK changes it because i dont know where to do it XD
P.S. 2.0: There it is Wink
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Yes but you should know that there will never be a perfect speaking lbf adminstrator. And why? Because we don't add people to our moderator team and to our admin team because they speak perfect english. For example: If we would announce a third administrator it would definitely be one of our moderators because they did something for LBF. Do you understand what i mean?

Do you want rather a new member as administrator that speaks perfectly english or an active member for over a year that speaks english but not perfectly?!

Funny fact: It seems that they teach in school very bad english^^I had the mark 1 in the final test of the "Mittlere Reife" (It is a hard and final test that all students in bavaria write on the same date at the same time) and I was the best in my class^^
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Welcome to the Admin Team.

Let us strive for a new era. XD

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@Pate59 I just want to say that nothing will change. I won't create more threads and I won't write more posts because I am an admin. We did that only for fair decisions
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Congratulations Freddy! No matter what you do in life, there will always be some critic. Don't ignore it, but rather incorporate it into your actions! Pate said that you and DeKa may be able to communicate with each other, but not with us. Take that into consideration and CHANGE that!

Again, best of luck and congratulations! Happiest
Yay! Having two admins will make life easier to members and mods! Congrats Freddy Happier
I tend to understand you fine Freddy XD Have fun being the new admin, im sure youll do awesome! Also I cant wait for the lbf picks to be back, im so excited now!!! Happy
Yay! Little Big Forums Picks! Have fun!
Congratulations Freddy, can't wait for picks!
Yea finally you are an admin...

and don't forget I am going to make the hubs Wink with a big surprise for you if Freddy will accept it Happier

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