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Happy Halloween Weeks

[Image: a_365_44dff381.png]

We are proud to present our Happy Halloween Weeks.

In a few weeks it's finally Halloween. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Well almost. But we love it. Beautiful dark mood, shockingly good levels, great costumes and much more ...

To celebrate this we launched the Happy Halloween Weeks.

We play a few games, upload new backgrounds for you, add new smileys and much more ...

[Image: A8BTtou.png]
Omg! I should refresh my relaxation exercises in time!^^ Its not for the faint-hearted!^^
But as every year I will face my fears, or maybe I should better hide under my bed???
I'm a scaredy-cat!^^ Sad

Many grrrreetings, Jürgen^^
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
Man I love this background so much! Thanks Deka! Happy
This background rules! Happier
Yes, nice new design! [Image: a_369_5fef9078.png] (and smileys Happiest )
Thank you @xan-con, @alain251, @CuriousSack and @yugnar! Happier
[Image: A8BTtou.png]
this is halloween! Happy

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