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New structure (categories)

Hello community,

LittleBigForum got a new structure of the categories.

LBF Music is getting really important and it now has its own big section under the section LittleBigForum. LBP3 is now under LBF Music.

We decided to put LBP Karting in the OTHER STUFF section, because it's not really important for the community. SORRY KARTING!

In the Archive you can read very old topics, but you can't answer them. If any topic of it is very important for you and you want it back to life, then message me!

LittleBigPlanet 2 and Vita also got a bit smaller. The focus in on LBP3!


This is how it looks like (with small changes / 99% right):
[Image: A8BTtou.png]
I think the structure is definitely cleaner. and the introduction being the top topic was a very good idea. good stuff
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It's not that LBPK is not important to us, but rather that the game has lost attention and even though everyone is still welcome to promote their work and talk about the game, this organization will certainly make the forum look better and more clean.
exactly. Karting is not a very busy topic anymore. but a lot of people say they enjoy it
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i has real muzikz 2 -> https://soundcloud.com/nerddog/tracks
Very nice structure! I really like it Happy Great idea making the introduction first! Wink
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Have a great day! Happy
WHOW! You've added some titles to your lazily half-prebuilt half in German language website, but didn't even fix the terrible layout a single bit! I compliment you on your spectacularly advanced and developed abilities to properly run and program a website and actually make it look good and incorporate functionality! You're the best, DeKa!
The almighty Woutery has spoken! Behold the master of programming.
When did i say anything about programming? In fact, at LEAST over half the things you use on LittleBigForum are pre-built plugins that DeKa took from some German plugin website. Not necessarily professional, am i right? Not taking the time to make a website yourself, then NOT EVEN taking the time to write a few small English texts for it is the worst you can do. This entire horrible layout with it's background not EVEN covering the entire page and leaving two horribly ugly white bars on my completely normal 16:9 screen, with all the notifications and chats stashed into tiny buttons somewhere in the corner, with every single post and site module vertical leaving no space for anything useful, with it's horrible moderators that can't even spot trolls and ban them, and instead warn me for my critisism. Not that it matters, as the only thing that usually happens when a user gets warned is that they get a message UNDER their post saying they did something wrong, most of the time, the post content not even being edited out. What genius thought this warning up? Learn to take feedback and deal with critisism and FIX THIS GOD DAMN FORUM.
oh uhm.. white bars on the sides, huh? .. I guess I don't see that for some reason. and I must say that, the criticism of the forum is a bit off topic. and they do have a feedback section for this like any other lbp forum.

I personally like how it was made a bit more simple here. easier to keep track of

on a side note, I like the layout and the simplicity of this forum a whole lot more than the others I've been visiting. I don't know, guess it's just personal taste. I like this forum
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i has real muzikz 2 -> https://soundcloud.com/nerddog/tracks
You need to scratch the sand out of your butt and stop being so mean. I hope you realize the admin's aren't getting paid for this. Theymre doing it for fun and so others can share the fun as well. They're not your personal pleasure tools who have to live up to your greedy expectations for everything. The sarcasm, name calling and insults altogether was extremely unneeded

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