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Forum Rules *Updated*

1. Accounts

A For all functions in the forum you have to create an account.
B Please create just one account for you.
C Your information must be accurate and truthful.
D Do not give anyone your password. You are responsible for everything that happens with your account.

2. General Forum Rules

A No offensive content:
a No using of foul language, cyber bullying, sexual harassment or racial slurs.
b No talking about illegal substances or illegal activities.
c No talking about any piracy (game sharing, pirating games ...).
B No spamming other members via Private Message.
C If you break any of these rules, we may delete your post, warn you, or ban you.

3. Thread Rules

A Answer only if you can add something relevant to the topic.
B No double posts, bumping or spamming.
C If you have to add something to your post, you can do this via the edit function.

4. Chat Rules

A Same rules as in 2. General Forum Rules.
B No spamming!!!

5. LBP3 Talk Rules

A Same rules as in 2. General Forum Rules.

6. Gallery Rules

A Same rules as in 2. General Forum Rules.

Have fun in the forum and follow the rules!

Rules written by: DeKa1357
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So thers a section of "chat rules".
Where is it? I cannot find it Sad
Nah, I don´t like signatures.  I can get to thing of something clever to put here.
There was a chat in the old forum, the new one doesnt have a chat at the moment...
Maybe we will add one later...

Now there is a chat in the drop down menu
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