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Tap/Hold Button Logic

I’m looking for help on how to make a Tap/Hold Button Logic.
I need a chip that activates one of the 2 tags when eather tapped or held down, but I’m having trouble making only one activate. 
If I hold X the tap tag flashes for 1 frame ( what I don’t want )
Use a timer/sequencer that activates part of a AND gate and a counter that goes into a NOT gate. The NOT gate activates your logic that is activated by tapping the button. Use a counter for the NOT gate as well, so the output it on for a moment instead of always. With this logic you activate something by letting the button go instead of holding it down.

The timer/sequencer determines if you hold down the button. when it's active the other part that activates the tap logic doesn't work anymore, until the button is released and the timer/sequencer is reset.

Kinda hard to explain, but always use NOT gates, AND gates and a sequencer/timer for multiple functions. Hope I could help.
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
Lol I honestly am not getting this can u post a picture or send me a private message on PlayStation
I'll message you on PSN and send you pics if possible.
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