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[Roughly 15 Fresh-S2] Post-mortem

Ossu! Got one last episode coming at you here!

Basically we're just going through the year and picking apart the various things that've gone into the show. Plus the credits list. Since a lot of technical stuff's been covered elsewhere, there's a pretty big chunk of time that's spent rabbiting on worldbuilding and character points/arcs we never had time to get around to. If it feels like a rambling fever dream, well...you know i never work from scripts, and it all took so many takes.

Anyhow, thanks so much to all of you. We'll still be involved in the community, 'natch. There should be some LBsP coming up this week. Oh, and we'll have an LBP3 stream tonight at 7.30, though i don't think it'll be another 3hour monster.

Thank you! Thank you! Arigasama ryota! Sayonara! See you  and ciao!
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