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The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


So I have been working on a re-creation/reimaging of the games opening section in the Great Plateau. It's early days but the following screenshots illustrate early imagery from the game.

[Image: 20181024013958_26dd0db.jpg]
[Image: 20181024014027_2bb232c.jpg]
[Image: 20181024014054_bf62768.jpg]
[Image: 20181024014117_4f6ffe1.jpg]
Full Contents:

Great Plateau area to explore including the Temple of Time (Estimated 75% Complete)
Shrine Tower (50% Complete)
Shrine of Resurrection (10% Complete)
Skull Cave (95% Complete)

Master Sword (100% Complete)
Bow (80% Complete)
Torch (50% Complete)

Combat - This is a bit fiddly at the moment
Day and Night Cycle
Cutscenes - Introduction cutscene plus additional scenes which follow the narrative from the start of the game
Cut down trees
Eat Apples and Mushrooms

Hope you like what you have briefly seen.

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