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How to make small items.

(10/19/2018, 01:04)BloodPuddles Wrote: I feel it would probably better to just ask here again, is there any way to put bolts on the backside of things? I'm practicing random stuff and tried making a controllable spider, but I have no clue how to get his other legs to move.

Hello again. If I understand well, you want the back legs of your spider to move too ? I assyme the spider is not viewed from above. Have you tried to fix them on an invisible matter, like sticker matter, glued behind of the body of the spider ?

I saw a guy on Youtube who made amazing animals, and particularly spiders. I don't remember his name, but I saw the beasts on his planet and it's freaking realistic. Maybe you can have clues finding his work.

Maybe you would get more answers creating a new thread.

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