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This Seems Familiar...

Hey, you can call me Bry! My PSN ID is GooeyGhost.

I was a spotlighter for LittleBigForum from episode 37 to episode 44 and creator of levels with too many bounce pads (http://lbp.me:80/v/qphpphe). 

I've been back on Little Big Planet 3 for a week or two. I've been having a blast playing the game and wanted to see how the site was doing.

Deka, I'm still waiting on that LBF pin. *cough, cough* [Image: LOL.gif]

PS: I'm working on a new level. Will be posting about that soon.

[Image: 00be6a789b9701d1e29063b7192d7c1ae4fcfd7a.jpg]
Hello, welcome... back? I don't remember, but have a great time anyway.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]
Back up your profile. I just have this feeling that it's going to get corrupted. Just do it please.
Backing up your LBP3 data regularly is a good idea. I always do it after successfully closing LBP3.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]
I live on the edge, no back-ups. We go down like men.
Be a man, even if it means sacrificing all your progress on your 15 level adventure project.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]
(11/11/2018, 20:19)Gooey Wrote: I live on the edge, no back-ups. We go down like men.

Hi Bry. You can call me Sebart (recorded audience's laughs). I'm kind of new here, for the same reasons : I put aside LBP for a long time but rediscovered the pleasure to create and play recently. So welcome back I guess. 

Ah ah yeah I know what you mean... I used to roll like a manly man like that before. But once, all my LBP datas where corrupted. Progression, levels, materials, stickers etc... Everything gone. Yes my manlyness too Wink

So now, mate, I ALLWAYS export backups, even on the PSN storage cloud. I'll also do it with my USB key.

So, well, do as you like buddy :Happy

Anyway your project's pic gives a good glance on an interesting armosphere.

See you around !
Honestly I backup my profile almost daily on a USB drive. Had profile corruption twice now. Lost maybe an hour of work on a level.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]

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