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SCP - Containment Breach in LBP Vita!

Hello! I'm Skepsi, otherwise known as AWSOME_GUY_XD. (I'll change it when the update comes in early 2019.)
I'm making the most advanced project I have ever worked on. Recreating SCP Containment Breach into LBP Vita. I have a DEMO published on my planet. Be sure to check it out. The demo is the introduction. Not many people play LBP Vita, but it's still fun to create on any LBP game, no matter how "buggy" or "glitchy" it is. If you played it, I'd appreciate any feedback. I have many SCPs finished as well. I'm just trying to figure how I'm going to make spawners for the SCPs so the level's thermometer does't burst into millions of pieces. I'm also developing a level randomizer for the level itself. This will be a complete random map generator. Thanks for reading!

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