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Looking for Music for a Racer Level

Hi, LBF denizens, I've been putting together a level for probably close to half a year now, that's loosely inspired by LBP1 sidescrolling racers.

I have an outdated video here -

Since this video was stitched together a few weeks ago, a lots changed, mainly to do with pacing, if you're interested, you can just play my open WIP here -

However, one thing I'm having a hard time with is finding music to fit.
And I wanted to open my level up to anyone who could, or has already, created some music tracks that would work.
Ideally I imagine electronic and/or rock music working well, but if anyone has anything else that they think would fit I'd be glad to take a look.
I don't care about music being specifically made for my level, or re-using music from some other project, I just want some stuff that is energetic and fun.
I'm planning on finding maybe 4 or 5 tracks, and randomly playing one each time a race starts.
I'd be happy to meet most terms I can imagine any music contributer having, mentions in the level desc, a level link to a gallery, etc, whatever.

I'd greatly appreciate any responses with self-plugs or recommendations!
I could try to make something for your cool project. No promises though.
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(09/11/2018, 16:39)mdkd Wrote: I could try to make something for your cool project. No promises though.

Well that'd be cool of you. No commitments.
I usually make calm and slow soundtracks, but a different one could be interesting to make. We'll see.
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