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Nighttime Ninja: Dusk

I just finished up part one of a possible three part series. This level is heavily inspired by the metroidvania genre, meaning you will be backtracking some. My goal was to make the level look more like a 2d side scroller. And while the level is a bit dark, there are tons of lights in the level to get the effect that I wanted. I did add a light to follow the player to alleviate this somewhat. Gameplay is of course a platformer. You can wall jump off of any wall. Also, I have added a Ninja Jump mechanic. Pressing R1 and the left analog to the left or right will give you a boost in that direction allowing you to wall jump off a wall and ninja jump right back onto the wall and gain some height. All of the obstacles revolve around this mechanic. The level has two main areas: the Dire Dungeon and the Sinister Sewers. The subtitle is Dusk and the follow up levels will be Midnight and Dawn and will have new areas to explore. Any feedback is appreciated.


[img][/img][img][/img][Image: 183d4c5b177510f3fa40a525fa161a24c297d689.jpg]

[Image: f5c22453279bafaf06052a24a1566ec67d193d9a.jpg]
Looks beautiful, gameplay sounds fun. I'll check it out soon.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]
Congrats for the team pick Wink
[Image: mfq87yel.jpg]
It looks interesting, I add it on my playlist and feedback you soon.
I just tried your level, and I enjoyed it! A die and retry, eh ?
If I could make a suggestion, I'd like to see more clearly the spikes.
Can't wait!

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