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Hey all!

I've been gone for 2 years from LBP3 and decided to come back for some reason. The album is an hour long in its entirety which is about 15 tracks! There's Happy Hardcore, Hardcore, Trap, Trapcore, Glitch, Dub, Future Bass, Raggacore and lots of pounding bass. Wink The BPM will average 150-220 so it's all fast music. This has been 2 years in the making since its inception and I wanted to finish what I started.

Thanks for being an awesome community!


Also, here is some other sites where I've made music the past years when not on LBP.

For Musescore, I have a bunch of accounts listed in 'Following.'

For SoundCloud, I got a bunch of tracks that are alright.

I also am sharing a SoundCloud account with Adele_LeBlanc! Check it out!
oooo dood im a LBP vet musician. we should make a collaboration Happier
Jesus Loves You~
SC; https://soundcloud.com/cyndacat76
@CyndaCat76 ye
Here's a link to the level!

Added some of your songs to the LBF and LBP-Hub music gallery...


Really great songs...
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