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Faster Than the Speed of Oddsock

Hey LBF, it's been awhile. Despite, I'm glad to present "Faster Than the Speed of Oddsock." This is an Oddsock platformer that takes place in a spacecraft. Race through the exploding spacecraft and collect high chain multipliers. Tons of explosions and effects that will hopefully make it intense and fun for you guys. My aim was to make it very fun, and could be replayed for higher scores. As long as you had fun, I did my job. 

Here is a (blurry lol) picture.

[Image: 9ce96bda1aa1b44a349aaec20265825b56c355fd.jpg]

There is much more in this level that I hope you see. 

Here's the link: http://lbp.me/v/q3bz2k9/activity

Frame drops may occur toward the end of the level; if so I apologize I tried fixing the best I could.

Nonetheless, have fun, and thanks for reading.

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