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Wacky Stacky 3 by blacksnakewhite1

Hi friends,

today I want to recommend you a level called

Wacky Stacky 3
by blacksnakewhite1


[Image: d8dcd12075efab190124233749b109a10e184d84.jpg]

"Wacky Stacky 3" is already the third part of a funny and challenging puzzle level series, to me the best part so far. Stack as much of the geometrical puzzle pieces as you can to get your stacking as high as you can! Sounding simple? You're right, but only in the beginning, the higher you get the more wobbly the stacking gets...til you either reach the top...hahaha, that joke was one of my best so far!...or the whole stacking crashes down...which will become a familiar experience the longer you try it!...:p

I love the steam punk style, the music, the realistic physics...the level is fun pure and I have to confess that I'm already addicted! Happy
I only can recommend this level to all people who love funny and challenging puzzle levels! Happy
Have a lot of fun playing and many greetings, Jürgen^^

[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
Thanks for spreading the word, mate!
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]

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