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Composing vs. Recreating Songs

Hi lbp-musicians,

sometimes people ask me to recreate a special song with the musicsequencer...and I've already recreated a lot of songs, but to tell the truth...I'm more a composer of own songs! 
Its so much fun to experiment with melodies and sounds, to see the own ideas getting shaped and formed til you have a new song, unique, never heard before. Composing is freedom, its like a freestyle exercise whereas recreating a song is more like a compulsory exercise! 
Not to get misunderstood, both disciplines can be satisfying, but there is a different focus in each one. 
Recreating a song...you try to get as near to the original as possible, which means you have to consider all aspects of the original song, like notes, rhythm, chords, choice of instruments and so on to get a result that is predefined.
Composing a song I mostly have no idea how the result will be, when I start to compose. And you have free choice of nearly every aspect of a song. 
If you recreate a song your recreation will always be compared with the original song, whereas own compositions always are a surprise for the audience.
To me composing songs is easier than recreating songs!

What do you think about composing and recreating songs or what do you prefer?

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
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I don't recreate songs too often because I am bad at that. I mess around with instruments, change the notes, change the instruments and then... a really wonderful sequence of notes comes together and I continue that pattern. Thats how most of my songs come together. A few years ago I used to just change the instruments on the sequencer or use one more instrument. That sounded boring though. Nowadays I continue the pattern of notes and create new tunes that sound slightly different.

I also mess around after that and try to add more unique sounding tunes. The result: Magic Tunes 3.
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