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Sack Party

to my next installment.

Well then what is this level?
For starters it's parody to well beloved franchise called Mario Party. Yes this project is going to be nearly fateful recreation of it!

Ok...well can I see some pictures of it?
[Image: 20180622121142_2b24d49.jpg]

This is the dice room where the player will be able to gamble their chance for their moves. As well as getting look at the jungle theme board.

[Image: 20180622121402_7b13b22.jpg]

[Image: 20180622121442_f64eac1.jpg]

The board has similar rules as Mario party such as,
Blue squares = 3 points
Red squares = -3 points
Green squares = Special events or changes toward the board
Pink squares = Entering to the collector or negativitron

Here a little peak to collector.

Extra info: Sack Party is a board game level which will involve around mini games. You'll need points in order to collect crown which will determine the winner.

Wanna thank for my fellow peers who are collab me for this project: @illyADo_43, @Landsurfer2000, and @Bedside_gaming
Follow them at twitter or at me for some extra information or to contact us.

Now i'm in early stage of development so any suggestion will be crucial for completion of this level. Such as, mini game , LBP theme, Store shop items, or customization options ideas.
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=TwisterKiller70&bg=43&f=3&l=6]

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