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Slowly But Surely Getting Back Into LBP

Hello. The first and only post I made on this forum was roughly 3 years ago, and that's also around the time I left LBP and its community. I recently decided to replay it, and see if I could create. I can, but it sure does take a lot of time and motivation to do it. But, creating is not the only thing I wish to rediscover, I also want to get to know the community again. See what made it so uniquely special. Of course, not everyone who plays LBP will be on this forum, but quite a few are.
So I pose the question: What have I missed in the community from 2015 to the current date? Any clan developments? New, upcoming creators? Trends? Downfalls? Many thanks will be given to those who elaborate.
Thank you for your time.
You have not missed much to be honest. There are always great levels that you miss of course but having creators hearted and browsing the team picks will let you catch up fairly fast, there is not an unlimited supply of good levels. I haven't been involved in "clans" since LBP1 and that was 10 years ago so I can't say anything about that but you do however see some clan levels being published every now and then. Trends in LBP usually follow real trends, at the moment I think most kids are into Baldis Basics or whatever it's called. Lastly I guess that LBP3 itself has faced a downfall. You did miss the huge player surge caused by LBP3 being free on PS Plus, so that's always something. Most of those players are no longer playing LBP3 and I'd imagine that most kids moved to Fornite. All in all the community has shrunk quite a bit but I'm still an active creator among many so there's always new great levels to play if you are patient.
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You missed a few nice levels, but you can catch up to that. Recently there was a hate wave against Scarybiscuit and Steven (I'm really talking about the hate and not the criticism). That shows how toxic the community can be.

Folks like me are still sitting in their little chambers working on big projects. Happier
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