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Why can’t I publish levels on LittleBigPlanet 3

Sad I publish them on a day every ones playing so everyone playing today can play them and a message keeps popping up saying, “Thair was a problem publishing the level please try again later”, I try again later and it still pops up. I’ll ware for the game to completely load and it still happens. can someone comment back the reson thank you.
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Sometimes it need time to puplish a lvl ....cause it’s a big lvl or the thermo ist full.
Copy the lvl and put it on an other place on your moon...... then try to puplish the lvl on your earth again........ good luck Wink

When you have the problem again.... try to puplish again....again....again
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Yeah, move the level/adventure to another crater in the moon, try to publish it again.
Special tip: If you used a object that had a lot of loading time and showed the red ! and then placed it, delete it from the level or modify that object. It helped me a lot.
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