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Music Sequencer Video Tutorials

Hi friends,

here is a little collection of some video tutorials about the lbp music sequencer made by some very well known music creators...

Tutorials- Basic Music Sequencer
by nokbient

LBP3 Extended Music Sequencer Tutorial 
by Skimpy Taco

Making synth plucks in LBP3 music sequencer
by Masta Blastya

Pitch bending, vibrato, and weird space noises
by Masta Blastya

Glissando technique using the sequencer.
by Masta Blastya

My favorite technique. Music box enrichment and organ sounds
by Masta Blastya

Bass Voodoo~
by Masta Blastya

How to make a Cymbal Roll in LBP
by Masta Blastya

In these videos you can find info about the basics and also about advanced techniques. A repository for musical inspiration! 

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
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