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LBP3 New York City 2 (Republished)

[Image: 20180530165409_3fe94a0.jpg]

LBP3 New York City (PS3 Republished)

Happier This level of LBP3 New York City 2 will no longer be available because, Players are having a hard time entering and loading takes forever, Upgrades wont remove like they should, Angriest and yes sackboy character keeps getting ripped off. according to my latest level feedbacks on it.

Happier Demo: a demo of the level will be published before becoming a full level. It is my Important for you the player to allow him/her to enter x4 players for a fun level experience.

Question Times may differ: This thread will update If or when the level is published
Suppose to be on this Date: June 4 - 20 
Time zone: UTC-05:00 Eastern Time (US, Canada)
Central Time: UTC-08:00 Pacific Time

Take a tour: Note if the level fails to load a first time reload it the second time

[Image: 20180530165802_258be18.jpg]

[Image: 20180530165919_15d4e89.jpg]
[Image: 20180530170037_fccb3cd.jpg]
[Image: 20170513085548_c51ce41.jpg]
Looks neat, I'll check it out soon!
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
Cool! Whenever I grab my friends for a session of LBP I'll check it out!
Evil sackboy is Cute [Image: evil.png][Image: evil.png][Image: evil.png]

Dreaming for a [Image: crown.png]

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