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mdkd's ratings

Hey folks,
this is not a level project, it's a YouTube project.

Waffleking is doing a great job with his shows 'Roughly 15 fresh' and 'LittlebitesizedPlanet' to review community levels. He inspired me too make my own show. It is called 'mdkds ratings' and it's about community levels made by smaller creators. More level reviewers can create more perspectives.

Here's the full introduction on YouTube:

I am not trying to copy Waffleking here, I am trying to give smaller creators some feedback and another perspective. That's important for our LBP community. Just wanted to clear that up. Happy

Let me know your thoughts!
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Firstly, will it be only LBP3 levels, or will you play levels from all 3 games?

Secondly, what will be the rating criteria? What will the rating be based on?

I thought this was a cool introduction, but maybe add some background music, so it doesn't feel as empty as ambiance does. Also, I can't tell if the (reverb?) effect on your microphone is done on purpose or not, but personally I think you should turn it off, as it deteriorates the quality. Nonetheless, I look forward to this series!
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Thanks for the questions and feedback!

Right off the bat, I am going to play levels that are mostly in the low end section. The rating is as simple as 'Great level - Good level - Solid level - not so good level' and basically the design quality, audio design, extra stuff like camera angles, music and busy level mechanics, gameplay and also how much fun I had. The last point doesn't count as much as other points, but it can still change a result. But I'm not using some kind of numbers, I am actually just looking at these points and then I know the result.

You got me! Yeah, I used a reverb effect to make the audio seem different and 'non professionell'. In the first episode this effect wasn't used though, I simply forgot to add it in. Happier

Speaking of the first episode: It will be published on Monday. At 10 PM here in Germany, so it might be launch time in some parts of the US. I have to say, it was fun to record it, fun to edit it and now I am waiting for Monday. I hope you're going to enjoy the episode when it's out! Happy
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