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it's wierd...

i keep getting mod replies.

they seem to be the only ones talking.

where are the others?
Hi noseben,

once upon a time... there have been some peaceful places called LBP forums, islands of bliss, where people lived happily together and communicated busily about everything...but after some years dark clouds appeared on the horizon! People became frightened anticipating something evil happening! And they should have been right! The evil negativitron had come to destroy these places of creativity and joy and to raise his kingdom of darkness and despair! The LBP forums sent their boldest and brightest knights to fight against this dark threat, but with all their shining armors and swords they couldn't do anything against the diabolic spell of oblivion, that the negativitron put all over the world.
And so the forums vanished of the awareness of the people, forgotten... only fables anymore. But they are still there! And also their knights guarding them and waiting for the time, when they will be able to break the spell and to expel the evil forever! And maybe some time there will come a chosen one...  Happiest
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Your story reminds me of MediEvil and Sir Dan Fortesque. Happier

Well, I guess other users aren't too interested right now. And I personally don't answer too make this place seem lived in, I answer your posts because I am interested in a conversation here.

You should not fear the 'LBF CREW' sign. It's just there to remind everyone what kind of member you are in the forum, but it doesn't change that I'm also only human, just like you. Happy
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I haven't posted on this forum in years before today, congratulations
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(05/03/2018, 22:21)Tynz21 Wrote: I haven't posted on this forum in years before today, congratulations

finally! somebody else!
It makes sense that the most active people are moderators ^^
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Yes it does make sense because we have to check the forum regularly, at least I do. And I answer all the posts that I'm interested in and I also play the levels I think are interesting.
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