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i'm quite new here, but i posted in levels sub first.

was mostly ignored.

how to get noticed?

also, hello.
Hi noseben,

welcome to littlebigforum, nice to meet you! Happy I think that you're doing right, joining lbp forums and becoming an active member in my opinion is the best way to get noticed! And of course creating a level and sharing it with the community! I wish you a lot of luck and fun here in the forum! Happy Many greetings, Jürgen^^
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Welcome to LBF!

Lots of folks see the new threads. Most visitors are guests though, so they can't post. You will always be noticed around here.

When it comes to LBP it's simple. Make a great level. It has to be fun to play, ambitious, something new and cool or something old redone and remastered. I was widely unknown a few months ago. Had about 50 hearts. I made TopDown Shooters, story driven levels and music. My gallery was level of the day and in January my TopDown shooter was Team-picked. One of my platformers was also level of the day and my sequel to the TopDown shooter was also level of the day. It's luck but the community has to like your level/s in some way.
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I haven't been active on the game or forums in a long time. Do they still MM pick levels? If so, get some of those. That's where I got most of my plays.
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Yeah, having a Team Pick really helps. People find your level and if it's interesting they'll play it. And when you have a big enough audience, the first 500 plays aren't too difficult to get.
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