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LittleBigForum Picks Episode 66 (LBFHC4)

LittleBigForum Picks Episode 66
(LBFHC4 Edition)

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q209p9g&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

Hello members, we've published the newest episode of the LBF Picks!
This is a special hub! It's the winner hub from our latest LBF Hub Contest (LBFHC4)!
Congrats to @viinssouille for winning the LBP Cap, the LBF Pin and a PSN Card!

[Image: 4883db512dc44d5e972cdb1c4dc0d30da68d10e8.jpg]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2x5d91&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2t8bvh&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2v83q5&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2zm2tq&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2z680n&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2ywg8t&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2zq-dq&bg=43&f=17&l=8]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=q2z9g99&bg=43&f=17&l=8]


The Cookie Monster
by Yell0wDrag0n749

Midnight Mountain
by Blushing_Kiss

Enjoy our newest selection of awesome levels!

I'm always impressed how fast we are at putting these episodes out. Great job team!

Enjoy the levels, folks!
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]

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