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Welcome to the LittleBig Music Charts!

Hi community,

maybe you've already noticed that I've been nominated to be the new curator of LBFMusic! Since some weeks I'm working on some new features for our LBFMusic section and I've made great progress so that its time to preannounce one of the new projects...

"The LittleBig Music Charts"

"The LittleBig Music Charts" is planned to be a music ranking system comparable to the music billboard charts. In a regular interval we will do a ranking of the top 10 custom lbp music tunes! The ranking will be done on the basis of some poll-threads in the different lbp forums, who are willing to participate! Additional to the 10 chart songs its planned to offer 5 new songs in each episode, so that there is a good chance to keep the charts varied and to give many composers a chance to find their way into the charts list. Its planned that every song can stay a maximum of 3 episodes in the ranking list. 

The music charts will get presentated in a "LittleBig Music Charts level", where you can see the ranking list, where you can listen to each title and where you can get some statistical information. 
The "LittleBig Music Charts" level is nearly done, here are some pics, I will also record a little video demonstration and add it to this thread, when its done.

[Image: 0a6b047a7acdbf3edc9dcecb9538d5a44168c02d.jpg]

[Image: 5a9f493b87296f74cec8c23ceaa3757cd2ecda70.jpg]

[Image: 9a4bfecf7cb7446fc652f279c275ddc8aae2d24c.jpg]

[Image: 25754be3c102b13b6b0ea7fc462bb215b4219539.jpg]

[Image: 864a0e16ad3079028a4d34289c6e108bc62e1909.jpg]

The design is orientated on one of my stereo equipment of the 80's. Happy

If any musician wants to be part of the very first episode of this new project, then please contact me here in the forum or in any other lbp forum or on dreamsverse.com.

I'm already excited and I'm hoping that very soon we can start into this new chapter of LBFMusic activities.

Have a fine weekend and many greetings, Jürgen^^
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
I want to participate. I will send a few soundtracks. Did you include my LBP Vita soundtrack in LBP3?
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]
Hi Domenic,

I didn't include anything yet, but I used the title of your Vita Soundtrack to fill the empty screen a bit! Only for demonstration purpose! Happy Every LBP3 tune will be welcomed! Happy
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
I don't have too many good soundtracks in LBP3. Only the repetitive ones. I will import a few LBP Vita soundtracks by hand.
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]

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