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"Solar One - We're Not Alone"

Hi friends,

some of you might remember that about two years ago I've started a project called "Space Station Solar One". I worked hard on it and then I did some other stuff ...and my project fell into a deep sleep! 
But some weeks ago I re-opened the secret "Space Files" and considering my good progress I think that I can dare to pre-announce my upcoming  level once again! I've opened a new thread cause my earlier thread is from 2016 and there are a lot of things that have changed meanwhile.

"Solar One - We're Not Alone!"

"In the future, when people noticed that the universe wasn't built from mathematics and logic only, but also from music, technological progress did a quantum leap forward. Based on a musical waves theory scientists and engineers developped propulsion systems, which enabled us to travel to the stars and to colonize the universe. Composers and musicians became considered members of the society. The center of our known universe was Space Station "Solar One", the headquarters of the intergalactic counsil.
All could have been fine, til we noticed that we're not alone..."

[Image: ffe1c117fe3d7b66800af4e9fb5af86b447c00c9.jpg]

[Image: 00c6a1946b91d60adb57dce07d6fc29fa9c886d4.jpg]
Start Menu

[Image: e803f7681c49e992b4db25c6c57ebdcf92eaf883.jpg]
Cargo Ship "Symphonia"

[Image: 6b308480648bca9a8a5439f62fabcfe205468bd2.jpg]
Cryogenic Chamber

[Image: c0a9915fd0e0356fee17106780aea9b5987ebe2a.jpg]

[Image: 933efe806901cc1c61c55aa647e66ef0f634466e.jpg]
...the Others...

[Image: b093430bdba20dff237900125ea98036e73651c4.jpg]
...neither dead, nor alive...

[Image: 22decc0fa550185de07c7dad4b949639eade31f5.jpg]
Synchronizing the Propulsion Units

[Image: 2fedcf9f2587a8f7db3e245b77062e3bbd249a1d.jpg]
Space Station "Solar One"

[Image: 80c4f55809d56c11d9e8c0b115ce427e146eeeee.jpg]

"It could have been a fantastic day, when Lucas, the young pilot of the cargo ship "Symphonia" woke up from his cryogenic sleep. But then he had to notice that he woke up too early, still soundmiles away from his target "Solar One". Checking the system logs supported by P.A.U.L, his artificial intelligent P.ilot  A.ssistent U.nit L, he suddenly has a close encounter of an unexpected kind.
...some garish lights, some loud explosion and then...darkness! And probably Lucas would have been lost in space forever! Unconsciously floating through the endless darkness with his damaged space ship it would have been his certain death...if there wouldn't have been P.A.U.L, who managed to revive Lucas... Since the whole board systems had a breakdown, Lucas has to activate the propulsion system manually to have a chance to reach "Solar One" and to inform the intergalactic counsil about the incident.
"Solar One - We're Not Alone" is a mixture between a classical music gallery with fifteen of my still unpublished compositions and a "pairs" minigame embedded in a space adventure story with eyeCandy ambitions. 
To synchronize and restart the propulsion Lucas has to activate all matching pairs of musical symbols (pics of music instruments) as in the popular memory card game "pairs"! Each synchronized "pair" activates one of the music module units! After the synchronization process Lucas has to test the music module units (music gallery part) to see, whether they are running without errors! If all music module units are fine then he can activate the propulsion system again to continue his way to "Solar One"!
All songs are available via data transfer for a storage on your moon! Happy

I've installed a "Start Menu" where you can choose from which point to start, if you want to play the level for a second time! If you play the level at the first time, you get two stickers, which you can use to activate the different start points.

Have a fine week and many greetings, Jürgen^^

[Image: 6bd3a8d14c425698d7a5f3a0141d35cae740b70f.jpg]
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Your old thread has about 1500 views. The folks seem to be interested. Happier

I'm looking forward to it.
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Wow! Teasers looking awesome - Great Work!
The Only Limination Is Your Imagination. - LittleBigPlanet 3 - PS4

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