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Dreams - World Building

Mm is back!

Media Molecule has posted a new video on YouTube that shows some great features of the upcoming PS4 game Dreams. Check it out! The video is 1h 3min long and very interesting.

Are you excited to get the hands on the game? I am!!! 

Quote:Kareem makes his return to the always-colourful sofa at Mm HQ to give you all a look at some World Building in Dreams! For those of you who weren't able to make it to VGXFest, this is the perfect opportunity to see Kareem perform live and build something brand-new and exciting in Dreams. Kareem always puts on an amazing show!
   Media Molecule

[Image: A8BTtou.png]
Thank you for sharing! And yes, I am very excited. I think it's great how easy it is to create a big and well designed world.
[Image: s5rrqev6.png]
yeah, hope next time we can see more about logic and complex features Happy

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