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Hello! I'm Victor

i'm 18 years old and i like play LBP so much, i try to find some new friends, can speack spanish or english and create together or playing to have fun. My goals is get some rare pins and costumes (maybe the last not), and be popular with my creations. So, see you world! :]
Hey, welcome to LBF! Enjoy your time!
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(02/13/2018, 15:44)mdkd Wrote: Hey, welcome to LBF! Enjoy your time!

Hello hello! thank you! [Image: happier.png]
Hi victorsquad_1,

and also welcome from me, nice to meet you! I wish you a lot of fun meeting new friends and hunting rare pins! And if you create some fine levels then I'm sure that soon you will also get popular with them! Happy
Good luck and many greetings, Jürgen^^
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