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Inferno 3

Here the continuation of Inferno2:

I N F E R N O   3

[Image: 85f98ce2f0231508a4b4eab75364e7a78ac94268.jpg]


You have saved the world by destroying the DOOMSDAY-MACHINE. Now you are lost alone deep inside the earth near the "CORE". Are you able to find a way out. Or is this the end of our Sackboy? His destiny is up to you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You like fire, magma, earthquake, special effects, action and bossfights? - then you will love this level !!

Litte Big Pics:

[Image: 8fc6d1c59b27388038f0fda23c6dae5869714a1a.jpg]

[Image: 7b772100d03f906418bfa35dd51e9e19addfdd89.jpg]

[Image: bf44cf533b4c3e92e9cff10e583496da56daa453.jpg]

Little Big Trailer:

Please Hellp our little Sackboy out fo this Fire Hell !!!

Oh I remeber you and your crazy levels...
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I love your lvls.... you did a great job.
Thanks for sharing here Wink
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