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Little Big Planet 1 Creator Trophy Help


  1. To get the Creator Trophy in Little Big Planet 1, you basically have to get your levels hearted by at least 50 people and you as a creator get hearted by at least 30 people. I'm not that popular, so this trophy will be tough to get. I deleted my Little Big Planet 1 profile because I wanted to play through the story mode again. Thankfully, the levels on my Earth are still there and I'm still hearted by 109 people. My question is, because I deleted my profile, will I have to be hearted by 30 people again or can I still get the Creator Trophy with my 109 hearts? Will my hearted Little Big Planet 1 levels still count towards the trophy despite deleting my profile? Also if I heart my own levels, does that count towards the trophy too? I would also really appreciate if you can heart my five Little Big Planet 1 levels (pink tree icon on the levels) on my Earth. It would make it easier for me to reach 50 hearts for my Little Big Planet 1 levels. My profile is Darthy09. Thanks and hope you can help me out! If I get the Creator Trophy, I also get the Platinum Trophy!
Hi Darthy,

- First and foremost, please make an introdiction thread to tell a little bit about yourself.
- You can still get the trophy after deleting your profile.
- Checking your lbp.me profile, you do not seem to have any LBP1 levels.
If you have any concerns, please let me know.

- Zero
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