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Getting back into LBP


Back in the olden days of LBP1, I ended up getting very into the game, eagerly awaiting the sequel as soon as it was announced and happily pre-ordering it before proceeding to 100% it entirely (amusingly enough, the only thing between me and a platinum trophy is Dive In 25).  The technical robustness of LBP2 in its logic and other ways to produce something so drastically different from the base game captured my attention, and I wanted to get deep into logic and the like, but it just never fully happened for some reason before I stopped playing the game before having other things to do.  I was later saddened to hear that many people disliked LBP3, but a few sessions of playing LBP2 again over the past month have left me appreciating the series again.

After that, I look around to see if there were still any active communities, like back when LittleBigWorkship was still around (if that's what it was called - it's hard to find any trace of its existence), and I'm happy to see that they're still going.  I tend to be a bit more quiet when it comes to group settings like this, but as is probably the case with most people really into LBP, I love creating things, so I'm currently debating in my head what I could do to engage with the series again.  I'm leaning towards some kind of video series with a technical focus, but I'll have to develop the idea more and might ask what people think of it in a more relevant place on this forum if there's any actual interest.  Otherwise, I can just go back to the drawing board and find some other creative outlet in the LBP series.

I made a somewhat unwise decision of writing this when I had only a few minutes to spare, so I'll have to cut it (not so) short, but I look forward to finally getting back into one of my all time favourite series again.  It'll be fun around here, I hope.
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LBP3 has many bugs and some people always share pictures of their 'Corrupted save' moments. But I have to say that I don't have too many problems with LBP3. I had more problems like that in LBP Vita.
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LBP3 corrupted my save 3 or 4 times so I never actually published any levels in it despite putting quite a few hours into some. LBP2 was the golden era :')
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So a profile corruption happened to me yesterday. Not too tragic, because I made tons of backups the last months. No progress lost. All the projects were also saved. I guess I had more luck, but making backups will prepare you.
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Hello, yeah if you still have some creative spark left for LBP2, go ahead. However I'd look forward to Dreams if I were you. Seems like Mm is making a game that has all of the features from LBP2 but in much bigger boundaries and in 3D. This upcoming game and LBP2 are just incomparable.
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New LBF page yaaaay! Click here for my levels!

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