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the shadow people

the shadow people
[Image: b0b706d469b114bef0afbf1b4054707db1c11cf5.png]


your house is haunted by the shadow people, but before you leave the house you need to collect your notes, personal items and evidence of the events...

it took me too much time to finish this mystery 1st person adventure because i had an specific visual style on mind, isn't a very scary level but i'm proud of the the graphics and story, think that i achieved something impressive for the lbp standars

enjoy it =)

[Image: 8c87e993df30a2c829c6e93bd606249c21b9594e.jpg]

[Image: c9004ed605110fec19e73990cbc7d92bc52d2f16.jpg]

[Image: 5602837d522ef0684d3d15ef5f2b80a92309d8bf.jpg]
Omg! I love the trailer and I'm sure that I will also love your level! Happy Your visuals are breathtaking! Happy
Good luck and many greetings, Jürgen^^
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That looks very nice! I'll give it a try soon!
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]
I shall play that immediately.

First person experiences in LBP are never something easy to craft and operate. You did well to endure to make it. The small details made it all the more immersive. Although I didn't find myself getting scared, I did think the environment was greatly forbidding--so you did good there. The shadow people themselves were pretty well-made. Genuinely spooky experience. Good job!
I already played it. I think this was a well made level. It kinda lacked some challenge, but I think it's not even needed here because of how good the 'a ghost is living in your apartment as well' feeling was delivered. I actually was in that kind of situation in real life and I think that made it even better for me.

Good job!
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]
thank you guys Happy
at the beginning i tried to make enemies to add challenge and tension but they never looks really scary as i want because lbp is limited on realism... so i made it more like a visual experience
mdkd interesting to hear that you was in a situation like that, i had a similar experience but these were just a couple of brief scares, nothing harmful
There was a spirit in my old house. It wasn't harmful, but very scary when I first noticed it while being alone. I noticed it while sitting in front of the PC. The door of the room was opened by itself. I also heard steps and from time to time the lights were turned on or all doors in the house were opened when I came home although they were closed when I left.

Pretty scary at first, but I adapted to this situation after a few weeks. Though I still have nightmares from time to time about ghosts and being lonely in a big house. That's why your level was very immersive for me.
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]
some years ago I heard ''someone'' or ''something'' knocking the door of my room, there is a gap between the door and the floor, you can see if someone is standing in the other side... but I didn't saw any feet or even shadow, this ''someone'' knocked three times and then vanished... that was a pretty scary experience.

another time a ''ghost girl'' appeared briefly behind a tree in our backyard.
these are the only strange incidents that I noticed... but my house had this ''haunted'' vibe for some years, trough the time it began to be a more peaceful place.

I don't know... maybe the ghosts ended bored and they left.
I think when you get used to these weird sounds they don't stand out as much anymore. After living there for about 7 years and being alone for a few months it's not that scary anymore.
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]
[Image: bfr45xri.png]

Change log:
- Bugfixes
- Score board instead of the progress board
- A new option called *'PS3 optimization'
- 2 new challenges related to the wave system and the level system

*The CPU of the PS3 can't spawn the zombies without a fps drop. This setting limits the spawners to 6 zombies on the whole map instead of 12. Theoretically that shortens the fps drop. THEORETICALLY. I don't know if it will work, but I wanted to try it anyway.

Well, I think this update will make things better. There is also a bug where grenades won't spawn. I tried to fix it. Maybe it's fixed now. I am not sure though. Okay I hope you folks have fun playing the game! Happy
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]

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