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Guys. I released surface lol

So, I released Surface, and I'm not trying to sound selfish or anything, but it didn't get what I was hoping it'd get considering what I put into it. 
The album points to a greater truth, something deep and meaningful, if yall want me to tell you the whole thing, i will, its a long a boring explanation doe, or its long and boring if you don't care.
Surface is the last piece though. its the center of it all. its my Surface, and its below my surface. It is me. I don't wanna directly tell you all what its about (yet.) but i can assure you it aint that hard to figure out by reading the poems and hearing the music. 
I really hoped it would speak out, but it's not. its just there. Im not gonna beg and plead you to go waste your time listening to 30 minutes of emotional crap, but i am going to singularly ask. 


Give it a chance. maybe it'll speak to you somehow. That's why I made it ^^

I should also say that I have chosen LBPF to post all the puzzle pieces and other stuff to. I don't wanna push past the child friendliness of LBP. But for those of you that understand Surface, you will very well know how serious and personal the album was to me. 
so again. im not trying to beg and plead for plays. im just askin for you to try it out ^^ don't feel forced. it's up to you.
And again; you rest on a layer of misunderstanding, do you wish to cut deeper?
I know where you're coming from. But every creator has to know and accept, that their creation often doesn't get the amount of attention and feedback they want. In the end it doesn't matter how much effort you put into the creation, what matters is the impact on the audience.

I don't feel like I have the right to know you personally and I'm perfectly okay with it. But listening to your music and poems would be a cool thing to do. You music gallery is on my queue. I am going to listen to it today. I'll share feedback, if you want me to.
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Wow, Cyndacat76, your music creation has impressed me and your lyrics are touching, its like a big cry for freedom to me!
I can't remember whether I have seen already galleries with lyrics in LBP, not to speak of good lyrics, so it seems that you are the first!
I wish your level good luck and that lots of people will enjoy it and get touched by it! Happy

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
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