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Help? Please?

Can someone explain to me how this website works? What's LBFC? I've seen the Forum Picks levels, but how exactly are you supposed to get picked? How do I reply to a thread? Can these people give out crowns? I don't get this at all.
LBFC = LittleBigForum Contest
Sometimes this forum makes contest, where you can win a crown and pin, named LBFC, at the moment there is no LBFC contest running...

For the forum picks you can post your level here:
The LBF Crew will play your level and when its good enough it will get in the next episode

At the end of every thread on the right side there is a button New Reply, just try what happens when you press it...

And of course welcome to LittleBigForum...
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Welcome to LittleBigForum!
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