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What are your thoughts about Dreams after PSX?

I'm so glad that Media Molecule has finally shown us something new. Especially the music creation tool. It's mind blowing to see how precise this is, and how many possibilities there are given the fact that you can for example create your own instruments. While most of the presentation was about sculpting which it was already shown multiple times, they're still working on this game which is amazing to hear.

What are your thoughts about this game so far Happier ?
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I think it's amazing. All the features sound great. And you can even import sound files with a app. This is very awesome! Voice Acts and effects can now be done with audacity or something else and you can just import it.

Dreams looks very user friendly unlike actual game engines. That will be great!
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I'm totally hyped with Dreams... already planning new ideas for games, can't wait for 2018! :B :B :B
HYPE!!! Happier Can't wait to play it.
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I hope MM has enough time to finish the game and add all features properly. Otherwise it would be a disaster!

But I'm full of hope. I feel like MM and Sony won't screw this up. I feel like Dreams will be a revolution.
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