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Super Battle Brawlers: 1v1 Brawl

Hey everyone, Fizzlesnoof here! It's been a while since I lasted posted a thread here, mainly since I haven't had much to write about. Today is different, however. I made a new level I'm really passionate about. Super Battle Brawlers is the title for a series of levels where you fight using a collection of fighting sackbots I call brawlbots. In 1v1 brawl, you and a friend pick a stage, then a brawlbot, and fight against one another. As you can imagine, it's meant for 2 players. but players 3 and 4 can still spectate if they wish.

The link: https://lbp.me/v/q16b32y/topreviews?p=1&l=12

Hope you all check it out, and have a nice day! Happy
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 
At least two players? I dont have ps+ but maybe someone will play it with me on PS3. Thx for sharing!
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