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Level that have been canceled or lost

I have been wondering of what type of community levels that could have been publish if things went right.

So I made thread so we can all post our picture level that were cancel or lost that would never see light of day to community.

Here some rules...
1. The level name.
2. Brief summary of why level was canceled or lost

Now I'll show you some of my cancel levels.

Level Name: Unknown
[Image: 20170914044904_69421f0.jpg]
[Image: 20170914044930_32b30a2.jpg]
- This level was canceled because I felt it was to similar to my other Christmas level.
- There wasn't feeling of progress to my style.
- I lack motivation to continue on (this was time when corruption was big issue)

Level Name: Dreams Within Dreams (Halloween special)
[Image: 20170914045213_5b69b9c.jpg]
[Image: 20170914045440_3524072.jpg]
- The level was discontinue because I couldn't finish it before halloween. 
- Ever since then I just lack motivation of continue on this level.
(I believe this was time when I took break of lbp)

Level Name: Unknown
[Image: 20170914050859_54229ab.jpg]
- This level was about 1/4 complete and it was oddsock level.
This level got corrupted and this was time were I didn't back up any of my level.
This is the only screenshot I have for this level.
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=TwisterKiller70&bg=43&f=3&l=6]
I would say it've got 2 unfinished projects, one of them was a 3D racing game, however I wanted to pull a kind of realistic 3d physics emulation for cars, and to be honest the physics themselves were ALMOST done. There were two reasons of why I (temporarily or permanently) left this project off: 1. The physics have strange yet annoying to fix bug - the faulty colission detection. The problem lies in the way I have to model hitboxes for uneven terrain or trucks since there are no twisted materials that work both collision and graphic wise (only kinda works with sliders because it was intended for Sackbot/boy) so I need to form a staircase to imitate irregularity, which by itself it is not a very great workaround, since it doesn't recognize the collision sometimes hence falling through the ground. 2. Basically the way I felt with LBP again. I realized since I dream of being a game programmer I should get started with the coding language on PC rather than bring stuck on LBP.

The second was an apocalypse level that I had been preparing for LBFC6 (or it was 5? correct me if I'm wrong) It had some potential since it was supposed to be a 3D mini-RPG level about surviving from the massive terrorist attack. The biggest issue during that time was the fact that me and my family was moving into the grandma's house so I haven't got the time to finish it. After all I canceled my entry because the project required a lot of time, that I hadn't.

Who knows? Maybe I will continue those 2 levels if I get enough motivation..
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=kubac2000&bg=43&f=6&l=0]

New LBF page yaaaay! Click here for my levels!
Nice thread!
Man, I have a bunch of projects that will never see the light. In LBPV I have a lot of those. In LBP3 only one so far I think.

Homeless LBFC5
You meet some homeless people and your goal is to bring them food so they survive. 'Help the people'.
I started creating. After creating some terrain and some characters I didnt know how to continue. The thermometer was at 75%, but I had like 5% progress. And the time ran out. So I had to cancel it.
[Image: g85d96h4.png]
[Image: 60795fde2737410d17254a525d94e63658243df2.jpg]
While i did eventually get a (pale simulacrum of) Kanji Club published in LBP3, it actually started life in LBP2. Unfortunately, i was really pushing things with a emit/destroy type level, and it was almost impossible to publish. When i finally did get it published, it crashed my PS3 when i tried to play it, and crashed the PS3 of one of the playtesters; so i took it down for public safety. Before i could figure out what was going wrong (here i lay money on it being abusing the thermometer way too much), my PS3 had a total system failure, and i lost everything on it. All that remains of the original LBP2 version of the school are a few pictures saved to my LBP.me profile.

[Image: 7a642a7bb6d1ab97217f91148a588aab05fb79d2.jpg]

[Image: 3644d975beedb339ccba4765099f0496c1e7985b.jpg]

[Image: 87ec504a08928cfd3f9afdbb5163795232cf9752.jpg]

[Image: a8bb21f0c28c0ec40dd9c52d86850b289e5578b6.jpg]
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=waffle_king23&bg=52&f=18&l=6]
Want to watch a foolish gaijin butcher monsters and the Japanese language at the same time? Well, now, you can!
For the longest time, I've been trying to make the "House of Bounce" from the LBP2 featurette for bounce pads, but it always ends either with me losing motivation or completely forgetting about it and not wanting it on my moon anymore. Ever since I got the game back on the thursday of the week LBP2 came out, I felt that I needed to make it somehow. It's either me or someone else, but I don't like the thought of anyone else doing it. I don't know, what do you guys think?

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