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Mars Conloy

Great lighting and fog effects! I'm looking forward to play it.
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I wonder how many creators are committed to create a ambitious level. Do you ever felt that payoff is to insignificant? Well for me, the thing that strive me towards this level isn’t gain publicity, but instead creating game that I couldn’t create in this lifespan. That’s why, because someday I’ll go back to lbp or dreams and play these level that contain my very own concept that I have brought to life and look upon as sense of accomplishment.
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Interesting thoughts. For me it is almost always creating that perfect level I'm satisfied with. Too Late is a ambitious project. I never made a story driven adventure that is 30-40 minutes long. I'm trying to create a very unique adventure with a deep story, cool world and nice backstory. I am not sure if it's going to be finished one day. So on the one hand I am always hoping that the players enjoy it, but on the other hand I'm never really satisfied, because it isn't perfect.

So if you want a really short answer it's perfection that makes me create levels. Making the perfect level.
[Image: s4rjzguj.png]

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