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Sackbot Help!

Why in LBP3 patrolling sackbots stop every 3 seconds? I'm trying to make a level with an area that looks really busy but the sackbots keep stopping when I set them to patrolling. In LBP2 sackbots that are set to patrolling won't stop unless they hit a wall then turn around. What can I do to fix this in LBP3?
I guess you need to create a manual path. A sticker panel that moves left and right in 10 seconds or more with a tag on in. And the sackbot follows that tag. How you make the sticker panel move is another thing, but it should also work.
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]
If I remember correctly, using the patrol option always caused a bit of a stutter in sackbot movement. In the older days this was simply solved by slapping together a new logic setup along with a new sackbot in an empty level. Now I don't think that this will work in LBP3 considering the state of the game (it's impossible to not run into a problem) but I wish you good luck nonetheless!
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