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Nebula Realms LBP levels

Nebula Realms LBP levels

Hello all 

This thread will introduce all the Nebula Realms levels out there in the LittleBigPlanet world.  These are recreation levels of the Nebula Realms game available on the PlayStation 4

Quote:[Image: logo.png]

What is Nebula Realms

Nebula Realms is 3D interactive world for PlayStation 4 system (developed by Xaloc Studios) where players have the freedom to use  their 3D custom avatar to socialize, play games, explore and customize 3D spaces.  for those wanting to know about the game, they are welcome to visit their website at http://www.nebularealms.com/

For those coming and visiting these are LittleBigPlanet recreation levels based on the Nebula Realms game from different users, feel free to explore and let us know what you think. We will have more levels come this way based on this game and will I will add them to this list here for you to discuss on what you think about them.


This looks like profesiokal work.
I am curious how did you solve the 3D cam.
I didnt see any blur there. (Watched it on phone)
If possible, detailed information would be great.
Thanks for this nice lvl.
Have fun creating, playing and sharing.
[Image: c4b5e3970c103c9bdcb89c9aba350144ccdc15fe.jpg]
Looks interesting! I'll visit your level soon.
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
Thanks, can only speak on the levels me & MonkeyBoy_Ben are creating.. We are working on more 3D levels connecting to those levels, such as the Beach, Personal Apartment, Bowling Alley, also planing a level of Crazy Golf just like the game and other challenges (not in real game) that will be added within the levels 

Feel free to leave feed back here on the level itself as we do want to know areas we can improve as we move forward. of course we can only only do so much in the game itself. 
So it's like a hub with many levels connected? I think that could be good!
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
(08/12/2017, 22:32)mdkd Wrote: So it's like a hub with many levels connected? I think that could be good!

yes pretty much like it, in the real game that is how you someone would get to different spaces, as in LBP our plan would be to replicate those spaces as levels and make sure to connect them the same way

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