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Poll: Should I make a intro for this crime level?
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No, focus on Too Late/Cursed Trains
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My ideas & projects for LBP3


Here are some of my projects.

Too Late
You play as Ben. He woke up at a strange building. All he wants is to find his family.
(Nice idea, but I still have to think about the story and the gameplay)

Cursed Trains Remake
You play as George, a young guy who has a date. He takes the train and than things get strange. I made a playable intro for this. Check it out: LBP.me link
(Actually this was a LBPV level made by me. I'm so proud of it because its a finished project. I want to use LBP3's new features)

Now a idea:
Crime level
You play as Frank, a private detective. He is addicted to drugs and he suffers from depression. CLICHE! But it's a cool scenario. He moves to a smaller town near Brooklyn. There is a case he wants to solve.
(I thought about this alot. The story is really nice. I really want to create this little adventure after I made the Cursed Trains Remake or Too Late).

What do you think?
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