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Trouble in the Cloud World - A Series by me

(Yesterday, 11:46)mdkd Wrote: Thank you for your answer!

You can look at games like Uncharted. Some riddles, climbing, jumping, shooting and then the story. You have a few options here.
You could give the player a weapon (Creatinator) for some places in the level. For example a water gun that kills fire enemies after 10 shots. Those enemies shoot at you for a second and then they open themself so you can shoot 'em. And from level to level it gets slightly more challenging. The boss battles are repetitive, but they were fun. Here you could make the enemy smaller and the stage a little more complex. Add bounce bads, some platforms, some lava here and there to make the player move around a little bit.

Decorating a place can be difficult, but you can search the place you want to make in google images. Get inspiration. It helps.

I really enjoyed your little adventure. It has its flaws, but that's okay. You were putting a lot of effort in it, I noticed that.

I am looking forward to see how it continues!
I'll be sure to keep those things in mind for the sequels. Wink
Also, if you're interested, I'd love to hear your feedback on an lbp3 project I'm working on: https://www.littlebigforum.eu/forum/show...p?tid=4691
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