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How does the quest tool work?


I tried some things with the quest tools, but it doesn't activate the example quest. Can you use it only on a adventure map? Is simple logic like a switch compatible with it?

THX for the attention.
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i'm not looking at it right now, but isn't it a two step process? You set up the quest in global settings (that is type out the name/requirements), then use the logic bits in Gadgets for the triggers?
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That's turned on of course. I am using the purple tool and it should add a quest in playmode, right? The ingame tutorial made it look easy.
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Ingame tutorials are useless in my opinion.
(perhaps i am to dumb to understand them)
I had my issues too until i got questlogic to work.
Youtube helped me but i had to try few times until it worked properly.
I think that i played normal lvl that contained questlogic but i am not sure.
I think it was a lvl from dakkrs.
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At some tutorials you can learn the basics and I personally understood something about the char-animation tool. Didn't know you could mix those animations on a sequencer.

However, I think I will search in yt.
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DANX made a tutorial. I tested it out and it worked how I wanted it to work.

This guy really knows how to explain it for idiots like me. Happier
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