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Hey, everyone, I'm fizzlesnoof! I've been on lbp for a while. I've decided to try my hand at contests, so I got an account here! you can find me on psn as fizzlesnoof. (What did you expect?) Happy... er... What's the analog for happy gaming? Happy interneting? Ah, you get the point. XD  Just have fun out there. Happy
Hiya fizzlesnoof! Happy Welcome to Lbf! Happier Hope you enjoy your stay! ^-^

Good luck in the contest! Happy Here is the contest thread: [LBFC6] - Decayed Dust Wink
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Hello! Check out my youtube channel if you like as well! -> SakuraLBP ^^

Have a great day! Happy
Welcome to LittleBigForum! Happier
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Hi fizzlesnoof,

funny account name, funny introduction...welcome to the forum, nice to meet you! Happy
...and a little hint! Currently there's a crown contest running on lbpc! Here is the link...


Have a lot of fun and many greetings, Jürgen^^

P.S. and I just noticed that today also here a new crown contest has started...


...hallelujah! Happy
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Welcome to LBF Happier

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Now that my littlebigcentral profile's been activated, I'm entering their newest contest. Wish me luck, everyone! Happy
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Happy
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After various other things have eaten into my time, getting a decent level out for LBFC6 or LBPC14 seems all but impossible at this point. I really tried, but I don't think they'll come out by the deadlines. That being said, the level I began work on for LBPC14 may still come out when I have the time. Have a nice day, everyone.
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 
Hello and welcome to LBF. Have fun!
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