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Battle with Zombies 7 [TopDown]

I think it's time to speak about something that bothers me here.

It looks like nearly nobody in the forums cares about LBP Vita anymore. Only a few have commented here and there and even played the level. The level still has 45 plays. Thats okay for me. Though I need to ask myself why I work on future updates when nobody plays it. We're not talking about less plays, we're literally talking about nobody playing it.

It's not the fault of the players who don't have a Vita, it's not the fault of players who don't have any time anymore because of their lifes, it's the fault of lazy people who could play the levels in LBPV or have enough freetime. And maybe it's the fault of some people who stopped playing LBPV just because it wasn't popular anymore. Thats really sad.

I am sorry if I offended someone here, but those are my thoughts right now. LBP Vita is my favourite game at the moment and I can't stop playing it and I don't want to stop playing it. But it's sad to look at the LBP Vita section and see that I am the only one who still creates levels in LBP Vita.

I think I will focus on my project 'Too Late' in LBP3. Many people are waiting.
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