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Hi, I have read and deleted all my notifications but it still tells me that I have 12 even though I have no new ones and nothing on the two notification pages that I have.
I assume that this is somehow related to the likes.
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ok, I was just feeding back on what seemed to be what I would call a glitch Happier trying to be helpful in my own way.
well im new in the forum and still having 1 notification since my first login XD i think im glitched too
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Yes, it has sth to do with the likes. They aren't shown. You have to click the button »Delete all alerts« to delete them all.
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Yes, that's right. Likes aren't featured when someone quotes you or when you get a answer.
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How the heck do you clear them? It shows I have 14 notifications and I click on it and there's nothing because I've already viewed them numerous times to get rid of them but they or rather the thing saying you have notifications, will not go away.
On the left side there is "Delete all alerts", this should work...
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Yeah and there is also a button for the old alerts.
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Yay! That worked, thank you!

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