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Funny LBP pictures

(06/20/2017, 23:46)DyMonkie Wrote: How do you post pictures?

You can either Take a Photo in game (by using a Popit tool), press square on a taken photo, choose 'Export to HDD' and then upload to the USB storage device using XMB (PS3's interface) (PS3), or Take a Screenshot using a Share Button (eventually you can edit the photo in ShareFactory) and to the same steps to upload your photo. (PS4)
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=kubac2000&bg=43&f=6&l=0]

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I take them from lbp.me or from directupload.net when I take screenshots on the Vita.
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
How is anything here """"funny""""
(06/21/2017, 15:51)Sound Friction Wrote: How is anything here """"funny""""

Actually, yes. I only laughed on the first one, but the rest... Not really
[Image: drawsig.php?level=q1dt82s&bg=fv11&f=9&l=8]

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Not every picture here is funny, but the comments give the picture some more content. I am okay with it, thx for the feedback. Happy

Here it comes.

Darth Vader's face reveal:
[Image: d2aa1c980ebed381a719b74ee4f8b187d6ea9166.jpg]

I found uncle Jalapeno!
[Image: 7f3715326f7d7dfe4d1e0f25b1945de8248b0afd.jpg]

'Wait, I can smell something.'
[Image: b6eda7ed25ca5b88eaa358a03bea62844acdee2a.jpg]

Columbus' first step on america:
[Image: 4c14fab5cd6a656c3f475a4ac2b39b206ee4a41c.jpg]
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
So, you thought that aliens didn't exist? What do you say to THIS???
[Image: 627a0a8a607b52097858a7df1ad05c9060606734.jpg]

[Image: cde7492e0527e79088167baa98305edabf1b12f5.jpg]

Okay, this one is not a alien I suppose:
[Image: 6a77a4bc7a5cf2a4b374a08b2a7dce2c060aa8a7.jpg]

A cave worker after his long and hard day:
[Image: 3ff27770cb1e973a8778f6174c0dba1720465cc2.jpg]
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
Look at my new T-shirt, it's awesome!
[Image: 156c79720500365c4f39ca7007ef1e5ffab4df03.jpg]

I love this shirt too!
[Image: 9b6f0275b61ca620d650c842b8b39f456de41aae.jpg]

No words for this one
[Image: fabc651ad635601610538c558d8b3d97cf37ccdd.jpg]

Big cook is sad
[Image: 007126b67f966368ac041916f4754633fa4fddaa.jpg]

Big cook in the sky
[Image: 3ec069c31eeac61d99849de6f4beeef075c681bb.jpg]

[Image: 4e33550bf9d842bb0dd14e7d806e19e6775672db.jpg]
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]
The caveworker again
[Image: 3fc0ebd6b844ba8373635911fc6d241365c9508a.jpg]

Another picture of the caveworker:
[Image: 3351789b483926bff9c40347840e2a6635a1a720.jpg]

He has a weak eye and sadly the glasses don't fit perfectly...
[Image: ca76c2aa7f16258a27d57f58fe1a75960bd1e4ce.jpg]

What a nice tattoo!
[Image: b6a77204be9fd41a0ff7d5adb5df16b783a4c02b.jpg]
[Image: lzwotx78.jpg]

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